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Beer pong tables

Custom-painted, One of a kind, beer pong tables. These are done based on the person's likes, quirks, hobbies, favourite memories, inside jokes and more.

The Austin

Austin's personality made making this table a lot of fun. His love for beer pong + creativity made this gift a no-brainer. I took his love for ravings, craft beer and his unique, fun personality and used it to create this custom painted 6 ft beer pong table.


The Wedding table

This table was done for a good friend of my brothers for their wedding. 
This was my first time sitting down with someone to have them tell me everything about their 
relationship. I wanted to know how they met, their first date
, favourite memories, inside jokes 
and other information that only they know as a pair. Riley proposed on a salmon
fishing trip on the island after meeting Nicola on Tinder a few years prior. 


The Skully


The Skully is a custom-painted 4FT table inspired by Skully White, owner of Lullys. If you know this man you know he has a one-of-a-kind, aggressively excentric personality. This man operates on another level and is one of the most wonderfully evil people I have ever met. Catch him outside of Canadian Tire in Abbotsford, B.C., Abbotsford event center and Rogers Area in Vancouver. His love for hotdogs, Liverpool, grape Kool-Aid and genuine soul made this one of my favourite tables to date.

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The Support Table


This custom-painted 4FT table was done for a fundraiser to help raise money for ao a woman who was a victim of a severe domestic violence at a Lords Of Gastown Town event. Just over $17,000 was raised to go towards supporting this woman during her recovery.

The Q


The Q is a custom-painted 6Ft beer pong table. I sat down with Kevin (Q), his wife Katie and their close friends to gather information about himself and his loved ones. I learned about their relationship, their family and their likes and interests. I had the honour of learning about important people who have passed away and was able to incorporate their spirits into some of the artwork.

The NFL table


This 4FT custom-painted table was done for fun during the football season. 

The Doug


This 6Ft custom-painted beer pong table was fun. I enjoyed getting to know Doug better, his love for his daughters, Shuswap and his father is endless and it shows. Doug loves sports, being outside and having a good time.

The Fuck Cancer 


A 6Ft custom-pianted table done for the Twins Cancer Fundraiser Gone Country. This event takes place in Cloverdale, B.C to help raise money for cancer research. This event is a fun day where many local country artists come to play. E&V is to honour Evan Brauma who passed away fighting the good fight in June 2023, his company Energy & Vibes raised money to help support homeless youth.

The Lords of Gastown 


This 6 ft custom-painted table was done for fun and to engage people in beer pong battles. Follow @ Lordsofgastown on Instagram to stay updated with events taking place in Langley, B.C.

  • Lordsofgastown

Custom painted beer pong table prices

4ft table starts at $1500
6ft table starts at $2000


Each table requires a different amount of time, prices will vary.

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